Our Mission
R3's mission is to foster emotionally healthy communities, families, and individuals.  This is accomplished through classes, workshops, parent coaching, and individual counseling sessions.  Common themes throughout each of these modalities include increasing awareness, developing resilience and coping skills, and enhancing communication and other interpersonal skills.
Relationship-Cubed was developed from a deep desire for more people to experience connected, effective, and joyful lives that result from being emotionally healthy individuals.  
Our Team
My name is Keira Merkovsky, and I am the founder of Relationship Cubed.  While I do have an education and license that technically qualify me to do what I do, I genuinely believe that my personal experiences, especially the challenging ones, are what make me great at it.  I have been through some very difficult life experiences, but I ultimately look back on them through the lens of gratitude, as those experiences are what caused me to grow, and forced me to learn new and healthier ways of relating to myself and others.  My struggle with severe postpartum depression was the greatest catalyst for change.  The skills I learned, and implemented, as a result of that journey are what helped me find inner peace, personal contentment, and joy in all of my relationships.  I thoroughly enjoy teaching others to implement those same skills and watching their lives transform.  
I graduated from California State, Long Beach with a Master's in Social Work in 2005, and was licensed as a Clinical Social Worker in 2009, at which time I began my private practice.  I have also worked in the group home, public school, and private university settings.  I live in the beautiful community of Mission Viejo, California with my husband and two favorite teachers (aka children).