This 4-session workshop empowers girls to:

*understand and implement fundamental friendship skills, including 

 empathy, compassion, and kindness

*practice assertive communication 

*develop conflict resolution skills

*protect themselves from relational aggression

*gain a better understanding of their uniqueness, their personal values and 

 their strengths

*identify and cope with uncomfortable feelings

*endure and overcome challenges

As a mother of a 9-year-old daughter, I see the challenges young girls face as they learn to navigate friendships.  Relational aggression is becoming more and more prevalent, and is being observed in grades as early as preschool.  It is my hope that by providing skills, and having important conversations with our young girls, we can empower them to develop healthy friendships.  That is why I developed this workshop.

The format consists of four 2-hour classes.  After the last class, you will receive an email that summarizes what she learned.  It will also include suggestions of ways you can support her as she learns to implement and practice her skills, and questions you can go through with her in order to continue the conversation.

C.A.M.P. girls takes place during the summer. However, if you have a group of 8-10 girls who would like to take it together, please contact me and we can try to find a time that will work. The curriculum are created for 3rd/4th and 5th/6th grades. 

WHERE: Conference room of Mountain View Business Center:  23591 El Toro Rd, Lake Forest 

COST: $165 per person (includes all materials)

WHO: Girls in 3rd-6th grades

The cancellation policy is as follows: 
- 7 days or fewer prior to the start date = no refund
- 8-21 days prior to the start date = 50% refund
- 22 or more days prior to the start date = full refund, minus $10 processing fee.

To be notified of future sessions, start here:
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