You might not be aware of this, but today is World Mental Health Day! 

As a way of honoring the importance of mental health, I have created a gift for you.

It is a printable worksheet that will guide you through your triggers in order to reduce the power they have over you. You can access it below, along with some videos that walk you through examples.

The question I get the most from parents is “How do I stop yelling at my kids?!?”

The short answer is this: pay attention to the situations that cause you to yell and reflect on why those situations trigger such intense emotions for you. 

Reflection gives you insight about the reasons certain situations cause such intense emotions in you. 

When you have that insight, or awareness, those situations don’t have as much power over your emotions, which means you are less likely to explode the next time that situation occurs, because you know there will always be a next time!

You might be thinking to yourself, “I get triggered because my kids don’t do what I’ve asked them to do 100 times.”

I get it. I often feel that way myself. It’s much easier to blame others for our reactions than it is to own them. 

However, regardless of what your kids do or don’t do, your response to their actions is still your responsibility.

Reflection, and creating awareness, empowers you to respond in a way that reflects the kind of parent you want to be. 

And, it allows you to model the emotional resilience you want your children to develop. 

So, in honor of World Mental Health Day, I encourage you to take some time to reflect on your triggers and watch yourself evolve into a better version of you. 

What a gift that will be to your kids, and, more importantly, yourself!

Scroll down to get instant access to the handout (be sure to print it out!) and watch the video explanations. 

Please feel free to forward this blog post to anyone you think would appreciate it.

Happy World Mental Health Day!

Get access to the worksheet here!

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Brief(ish) examples, using the worksheet

In-depth example, using the worksheet