Your Brain on Self-Compassion


You have been receiving a lot of information about self-compassion from me in recent emails. Today, I want to briefly explain what happens in your brain when you practice that skill. It's pretty fascinating! The two parts of the brain that are most involved are the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex. (Photo courtesy of Albuquerque Journal) [...]

Your Brain on Self-Compassion2021-08-11T12:22:39-07:00

This Provides Me Comfort During Times of Uncertainty and Stress


We have all, collectively, been through an immense amount of uncertainty throughout the past nine months, and the impact of that is evident in our stress levels.  This week, I wanted to share a bit of information about what goes in the brain when we are faced with new experiences or uncertainty.  For me, having [...]

This Provides Me Comfort During Times of Uncertainty and Stress2021-02-17T09:23:48-08:00

The Power of the CHOICE POINT


(SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM FOR THE SUPERPOWER OF SELF-AWARENESS GUIDE) Every. Single. Day.  Shoes, socks, and shirts are strewn around the living room, dropped at the very point where they were removed, which is no more than 20 feet from the shoe bin or laundry room.  I know you can relate to the frustration! Every [...]

The Power of the CHOICE POINT2020-10-26T13:02:56-07:00

Effects of Overfunctioning in Parenting


Like most of you, I am trying to figure out the juggle in this apparent "new normal" we call Covid, and find a balance that works. One of my challenges is that, right when I think I've found a good balance, something happens that knocks me off the beam and leaves me scrambling to adjust [...]

Effects of Overfunctioning in Parenting2020-08-05T16:41:29-07:00

How Words Impact Emotions


We, like so many others, have been experiencing an abundance of emotion throughout the past few months. As a therapist, I know the benefits of emotional expression, and highly encourage it in my clients and my children. Most of the time, emotions serve as valuable information and give us clues about what we need: Anger [...]

How Words Impact Emotions2020-06-23T11:23:37-07:00

Your Anger May Be Justified, But It Is Not Effective


It can be argued that anger is not a feeling, but a reaction to a feeling. * When your child says hurtful things to you, you feel sad, or hurt, and react by yelling at her to go to her room until she has something nice to say. * When your partner doesn't follow through [...]

Your Anger May Be Justified, But It Is Not Effective2020-02-13T09:56:49-08:00

Ever wonder if you are doing this parenting thing right?


Me, too! I often hear parents like you tell me they feel so much guilt and fear on this parenting journey. Guilt that they aren't spending enough time with their kids, or giving them enough opportunities. Fear that they are saying or doing the wrong things. And, you know what? I feel those things, too! Which is [...]

Ever wonder if you are doing this parenting thing right?2020-02-03T12:37:26-08:00

One Phrase That Helps Prevent Yelling


Do you ever think to yourself, “I wish I could stop yelling at my kids”? I get it! ​​​​​​​ Yelling was my vice, and the ensuing guilt was what motivated me to parent differently. ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​The thing is—when you are trying to do away with one behavior, you have to replace it with another, or you [...]

One Phrase That Helps Prevent Yelling2020-02-13T10:10:33-08:00

Love is a Choice, Not a Feeling


I’ve been thinking about something my wise aunt once said to me that was very mind-boggling to my then-16-year-old-brain: “Love is not a feeling, it is a choice.” Twenty-five years later, it now makes perfect sense. All of those Hallmark Christmas movies we recently binged on (or was that just me???) might make us question [...]

Love is a Choice, Not a Feeling2019-11-04T13:42:28-08:00
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