The Power of the CHOICE POINT


(SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM FOR THE SUPERPOWER OF SELF-AWARENESS GUIDE) Every. Single. Day.  Shoes, socks, and shirts are strewn around the living room, dropped at the very point where they were removed, which is no more than 20 feet from the shoe bin or laundry room.  I know you can relate to the frustration! Every [...]

The Power of the CHOICE POINT2020-10-26T13:02:56-07:00

Reducing the Power of Triggers


(SCROLL DOWN TO DOWNLOAD THE WORKSHEET AND WATCH THE VIDEOS) You might not be aware of this, but today is World Mental Health Day!  As a way of honoring the importance of mental health, I have created a gift for you. It is a printable worksheet that will guide you through your triggers in order [...]

Reducing the Power of Triggers2020-10-20T10:27:08-07:00
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